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The marine life of the inner islands of Seychelles reveals an abundance of fish even on shallow coastal reefs, where we find different types of butterfly fish, angelfish, soldier fish, squirrel fish and sweepers. The reefs of the islands are also havens for many invertebrates including octopus, lobster and lots of nudibranchs, such as the Spanish Dancer. You can also find huge fan corals and colorful tree coral formations while more remote sites shelter the larger fish species such as wrasse, giant grouper, reef sharks and rays. The most spectacular whale sharks are found throughout the year in the inner islands with better sightings in August and October to January. The marine life around peripheral, isolated islands tend to be more prolific with frequent sightings of many species of large groupers, reef sharks, nurse sharks and the occasional hammerhead. A number of rare exotic species have been identified in Seychelles such as the pygmy angelfish.