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The diving around Pemba is more than impressive. The Pemba Channel drops off steeply just off the west coast and the diverse species of marine life and coral are truly exceptional. The pristine coral reef that surrounds the island makes it one of the best dive sites in the world. This is one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, with water at 78.8 ° F and the best visibility in eastern Africa from 98 to 131 ft during the summer months. The diving in this region is characterized by exceptionally clear and beautiful shallow reefs. Colourful gardens of hard and soft corals support the proliferation of reefs and marine species. The mantas and whale shark can be found here from October until April, when they enter the channel to feed. Humpback whales can be observed when migrating north during August and September, and dolphins are frequently sighted. There are many fantastic dive sites, like Njao Gap, with excellent visibility, a wide variety of hard and soft corals, strong currents and fish species such as crossbows, wrasse, turtles, and giant trevally. "The Edge", just west of the northwestern peninsula is the last wall of the channel, where you can see huge barrel sponges, spiralling corals growing up to two metres in height and the best place to encounter turtles, groupers and even white-tipped sharks.

There are no products in this category.