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The Pacific Ocean is full of life with magical and unique places like the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia and the Cocos Islands, all real underwater treasures famous for their abundance of large pelagics, especially sharks.

It is the largest ocean on Earth occupying no less than one third of its surface. It also has the deepest known ocean trench, the Mariana Trench, around 11 kilometres deep. The navigator Ferdinand Magellan, the first European to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific,  named the ocean in honour of the unusual calm found when navigating its waters.

The ocean has a labyrinth of small seas, about 25,000 islands spread flanked by reefs, mangroves and seamounts that are full of life. Anything is possible in the Pacific, from the observation of wonderful whales, exploring the endless Australian Barrier Reef,  "dancing" with Mantas and sea lions, diving among large sharks, exploring shipwrecks or areas plagued by jellyfish. Diving in the Pacific is definitely a must for any diver.