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Considered one of the most pristine natural areas of the Cuban archipelago, Maria la Gorda is located on the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes and has the privilege of being a biosphere reserve. In its domain we find a wide strip of white sand bathed by the Caribbean Sea with extensive areas of coastal vegetation. As a diving area, it is one of the most protected in Cuba, offering a large reef near the coast where at just a few metres depth we can see an abundance of wildlife, from large gorgonians and black corals to many small and medium fish, eels and crustaceans. The dive sites are located in two zones, North and South. They all have a particular charm and are less than an hour of navigation, some of them located at only 5 minutes from the diving center. The morphology of the seabed is staggered, suitable for multi-level diving. The walls' attractive structures, tunnels and vertical caves offer a large amount of sessile fauna and if we are lucky we can also find mantas and the amazing whale shark. 

There are no products in this category.