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There are more than two hundred Straits and green narrow cays that make up the archipelago of Jardines de la Reina, a vast arch located more than 55 miles from the southern coast of Cuba. Declared a Natural Park in 1996 and since a protected ecological reserve where commercial fishing is prohibited. On its beaches, spawn thousands of turtles and their reefs are multicolored labyrinths where marine life reaches its maximum splendor. Crocodiles and iguanas are permanent inhabitants too. Consequently, it is not suprising that this destination is presumed to be one of the most intact of the Caribbean dive sites due its distance that separates it from the coast and safe from human activity. It is this which allows us to observe all kinds of tropical species, including some that are already extinct in other areas of the Caribbean. Groupers of over half a metre long, gorgonians, barracudas, parrotfish and other tropical wildlife inhabit these pristine waters. All this without forgetting the large number of sharks that swim in these warm waters of excellent visibility and temperatures ranging between 79-84 ºF degrees: silky, grey, nurse, lemon or hammer sharks are some of the species that you will find in this archipelago. In the appropriate season (December to February) there is also the opportunity to see the great animal of the  ocean, the whale shark. All of these ingredients will make an unforgettable diving experience. 

There are no products in this category.