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Historically coined with many names, today it is named as Isla de la Juventud. It was discovered by Columbus on his second voyage to the New World. 49 miles southwest of Cuba, it is the ideal place for natural beauty lovers as more than half of its territory is completely untouched. On the south coast of the island, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, extraordinary and beatiful coral reefs can be found, plus, a stunning landscape and a diverse flora and fauna. At the western tip of the island is Punta Frances Marine National Park, home of the international diving center "The Colony", comprising of 3 miles of coastline. It is a protected area with over 50 dive sites of extraordinary beauty where mackerel, barracudas, mantas, turtles and sharks can be seen. Additionally, there is a diving spot called "The Wreck," consisting of several shipwreck remains surrounded by school of fish. Enjoy the relaxing beaches of Sirena and Bibijagua, famous for its black sand. All the diving spots are known for their deep tunnels, canals and submarine valleys. More than 40 different types of coral can be found in these waters. 

There are no products in this category.