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Although not an "ocean" itself, we call Indo-Pacific the biogeographic region that includes transitional waters between the eastern part of the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.
The central part of the Indo-Pacific region is an area that has a tremendous biodiversity and due to its location at the meeting of the two oceans, waters bring both species groups to offer a high biological concentration. Its waters have catalogued more than 1,200 species of fish and at least 600 varieties of coral, 75% of all known coral varieties.It features spectacular underwater scenery and warm waters that are home to rare and unique species of sharks and other pelagic species, in addition to whales and countless invertebrates. Being able to combine our scuba trip with visits to Buddhist temples, rice fields and other natural treasures like the Komodo National Park or Taman Negara, will make our way through the Indo-Pacific unforgettable.