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With nearly 60 mi;es of all kind beaches, Gran Canaria attracts visitors from all points on the map. From the well-known beach of Maspalomas, to the quiet beach of San Agustin, dunes remind us that we are a few miles from the Great African Sahara, giving these beaches a unique ambience. With 43% of the territory declared as a protected area, Gran Canaria is also a site with a large number of natural resources that allow visitors to enjoy contact with nature and a wide range of possibilities and activities to do. From walks through great scenic beauty to practicing adventure sports, it is also the ideal place for lovers of the sea by the wealth of possibilities offered along its 146 mile coastline. The water temperature ranges between 64.4 and 78.8 ° F, allowing water activities like diving to be enjoyed all year round.  Walls descending down to abyssal depths, volcanic caves, wrecks and massive sands shelter marine species such as moray eels, barracudas, turtles, bream, rays, groupers and tambourines and various types of plant species typical of the area.

There are no products in this category.