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The youngest and smallest of the Canary Islands is a haven of peace. It was formed when magma broke the seafloor leaving the island with its characteristics. It is a quiet island where you can find deserved rest and be surprised by the landscape left by the extinct volcanic. The underwater activity focuses on La Restinga village, of modest living infrastructures based on income that the diving business provides. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the island of El Hierro has a number of conditions that make it one of the best diving destinations in our country. First, is the place of Spain that is closest to Equator; secondly, it has great depths just a few miles from the coast so it is possible to encounter pelagics such as mantas, big amberjack, bonito. Almost every dive is sheltered from the trade winds and visibility is between 82 and 164 ft. This, along with its pleasant temperature ranging between 66.2 and 77 ° F depending on the time of year, and the absence of large human populations and rivers that would deposit sediment makes the ideal  transparent conditiions. We can find old, trumpets, green peje, abbots, groupers, bocinegros, amongst others. Out of the water, the weather, amazing animals like the Giant Lizard of El Hierro and a large number of places to visit, such as the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Kings, and the Roques de Salmor Lighthouse Orchilla.

There are no products in this category.