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For diving enthusiasts, Costa Rica is the ideal destination because of its long coastline that offer both the Pacific and Caribbean waters coupled with the tropical climate, allowing nature lovers to find extraordinary beauty in its depths.

Most of Costa Rica's diving sites are protected areas, including the famous Cocos Island National Park, also a World Heritage Site of Humanity. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica was even considered by Rodale's Scuba Magazine as one of the top 5 in the world for advanced diving destinations.

Located 331 miles off the Pacific coast, Cocos Island was a haven for pirates, traders, whalers and even colonizers historically. Today it is known for its natural treasures that include the unique and threatened hammerhead sharks and humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, hawksbill turtles and a variety of coral species. The famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called the Cocos Island as "the most beautiful island in the world."

The Caribbean coast has its own wonders too. For example, the Wildlife Refuge Gandoca- Manzanillo is unique due to the amazing species found there. In only 5 square kilometres of coral reef scientists have discovered 600 species of molluscs, 10% of which are unique in the world. Overall, Costa Rica's oceans are home to at least 6,777 species, representing 3.5% of the known species on the planet wich makes the country a paradise for diving enthusiasts.