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Access to Cocos Island is a long journey by boat from Punta Arenas. Once onboard, the 300-mile journey begins. Dolphins and whales often escort andthe ship during the voyage, which lasts approximately 36 hours.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, it was highlighted to the world in the 80's by the marine scientist Jacques Cousteau, who called it as "the most beautiful island in the world", and one of the most precious treasures of our planet. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, it has has a unique biodiversity. Lush vegetation typical of tropical climates and high rainfall creating clear water rivers, which often end as extraordinarily beautiful waterfalls falling into the sea from heights of up to 590 ft.

Rocky pinnacles surrounding the island are ideal for meetings with large animals like the famous banks of hammerheads, white tip sharks, mantas, dolphins and even the majestic giant of the seas: the great whale shark. Night dives with white tip reef are a fantastic underwater show.  Cocos has deservedly earned the title as the best destination in the world for large marine species. Diving in Cocos Island is recommended for advanced levels, since most of the dives take place in streams. The minimum water temperature is around 71.6 ° F, however in summer can reach 86 ° F.

There are no products in this category.